Dear Visitor,

If you are in need of professional translation services, you have come to the right place. My name is Anna Wróblewska and I am a full-time freelance translator of Polish and English.

I can guarantee the highest quality of the translation services I offer thanks to my education, qualifications and experience. A native speaker of Polish, I hold an M.A. degree in English and have completed a 2-year post-graduate course in legal translation.

I am also a sworn translator of English and Polish licensed by the Polish Ministry of Justice under the repertory No. TP/135/14.

My main areas of translation expertise include:

  • Law and Contracts
  • Economy, Finance, Banking
  • Marketing
  • European Union
  • medicine and pharmaceutics (new specialization)

Dear Client, I can offer you competitive prices starting from €0,04 per word because by contacting me directly you take a convenient and cost-effective shortcut from translation agencies.


Anna Wróblewska